Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Hey Guys! So today I'm going to be doing a review on the ' L'oreal Hip Jelly Balm ', I was going to do a video on it but I thought that doing a blog post would be easier :) anyway, so I just want to say that I actually really like this, I love the color pay off, for a lip balm its really pigmented, and it last on my lips for a good couple of hours. However, there is one thing that I HATE about it, the SCENT. Ugh, i hate it soo much, i think it smells like...i don't know what, but its not nice at all... my friend has this as well and she thinks that it smells like vanilla..i do not think so at all.. the scent isn't that strong but you do get a scent from it throughout the day and when your applying it and i find myself putting another lip balm on top of it sometimes just to mask the scent.I don't really like the packaging that much, i mean its ok but it's not really my favorite and theres not that much product compared to the size of the container (but the product lasts for like ever). But all in all I definitely love this product, it's cheap and good quality, it comes in a variety of shades and has a really good color pay off and i would definitely repurchase this!
 So this is what it looks like on your lips, its build-able, so you can put it on sheer if you want or you can go all out with it :)
 I got mine in the shade 'delectable' which is a really pretty red.
Anyway, should i do mini reviews like this on my blog? or should i just make a video about it, or both! let me know down in the comments! thanks :)