Friday, 29 June 2012


Hey Guys!
Today i decided to re-dye my hair. I've had it dark for a while now and since it was summer i wanted to go lighter again, but go dark again once summer was over. I bought hair dye today which was in the shade 'ash blonde', i didn't want my hair to be that color but i knew that it would never turn out that light anyway so i bought it. I was kind of scared incase it turned out really blonde or really ginger but i decided i would do it anyway. I filmed the process for my vlog channel so i will probably upload that video tomorrow, but here's what happened = NOTHING!
There is basically no difference in my hair color and if any it got darker! It was such a waste of money, and i know that you get what you pay for but i didn't want to go to a salon and pay £100+ on it if i was going to dye it darker again anyway but still!
 This is the dye that i bought, i know it looks really light but i knew it would never turn out like that anyway!
 This is before i dyed my hair.
This is after i dyed my hair and you can tell there is barely any difference! it looks a bit darker and it looks like it has less gingerish tones in it but its definitely not blonder! 
I don't hate the color of it actually i can of think it suits me, but its not what i was looking for but i can live with it and i don't think ill redye it for a while but who knows! 
      Melissa xx

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Where have you been?

Hey Everyone! 
I am so sorry i haven't done a blog post in so long, i completely forgot! 
Im going to start posting more frequently on this because i think it's a really easy way to talk to you guys :)
I wanted to post on this regularly, but i got really stuck for ideas.. 
leave suggestions for me on what to do, reviews? ootd? booklissas? recommendations?
I honestly have no clue on what to post on this so i would really like it if you guys could help me out! maybe ill do a new post tomorrow! 
Thanks. <3 :)