Friday, 29 June 2012


Hey Guys!
Today i decided to re-dye my hair. I've had it dark for a while now and since it was summer i wanted to go lighter again, but go dark again once summer was over. I bought hair dye today which was in the shade 'ash blonde', i didn't want my hair to be that color but i knew that it would never turn out that light anyway so i bought it. I was kind of scared incase it turned out really blonde or really ginger but i decided i would do it anyway. I filmed the process for my vlog channel so i will probably upload that video tomorrow, but here's what happened = NOTHING!
There is basically no difference in my hair color and if any it got darker! It was such a waste of money, and i know that you get what you pay for but i didn't want to go to a salon and pay £100+ on it if i was going to dye it darker again anyway but still!
 This is the dye that i bought, i know it looks really light but i knew it would never turn out like that anyway!
 This is before i dyed my hair.
This is after i dyed my hair and you can tell there is barely any difference! it looks a bit darker and it looks like it has less gingerish tones in it but its definitely not blonder! 
I don't hate the color of it actually i can of think it suits me, but its not what i was looking for but i can live with it and i don't think ill redye it for a while but who knows! 
      Melissa xx


  1. yeahh u got a "NEW" hair!! You still look GORGEOUS!!!! <3 love youu <3
    Seriously, your hair is PERFECT and your natural color is gorgeous! Also, your natural color would be pretty good for summer, I think! <3

  2. wow. Its a Big Fail :S

  3. you look pretty in every colour

  4. Hahaha.. that's so funny! :) Your pretty in any colour anyway, but I can see why you would be dissapointed. <3 You should try do a vlog everyday for the holidays? It could be a really cool challenge.

  5. You need to bleach your hair if you want to go light from dark...

  6. Yeah, your hair already has pigment. You add more color, it'll go darker, not lighter. What do you think a dye is?