Saturday, 21 April 2012

Outfit Of The Day

I just posted an outfit of the day, and i thought this would be a good way of showing you which products I used and  stuff. In this post I'm just going to be showing you what makeup i wore in the video because you can see what i wore in the video, but maybe in the future ill do some outfits of the day on this instead of doing a full video? Let me know what you think down in the comments :}.
Heres the video incase you haven't seen it..

So this is the nail polish i wore, its super pretty and matched my outfit perfectly, in the video i said i didn't know the name of it but i found out that it's called 'dark denim' which is funny because my outfit consisted of mostly denim materials! I love this color and its a really good polish.

 This is my new favorite foundation, as some of you may know i picked this up for the fist time recently and I've really been loving it, it goes on super nice and i love the consistency, color and coverage. I have it in the shade 'NW15'
 This is the color of lipstick i had on in the video, its SOO pretty but its really dark on the lip, so i put it on really sheer and then topped it off with a clear gloss. It's Chanel 'Gypsy' and I think I'll be wearing this more often!
 Ignore the dirty packaging, it was my moms but she didn't want it and said i could have it and she keeps all her makeup in one bag so everything kind of gets everywhere! 
Everyone knows this is my favorite gel liner! Its smashbox, in the color 'midnight black' i've had this for almost a year now and it hasn't dried out and I only about a quarter of it is used up!

 These are my two everyday eyeshadows that i wear! The one on the right is Honey Lust By MAC and on the left is Retrospec. I wear retrospec on my lip and i put honey lust in my crease and i love the look of it!
So that's it for this blog post, let me know if this was in any way helpful or interesting, and what kind of things you want me to post up on here


  1. Melissa! Hi!Post pictures with captions like this, k? Melissa! <3

  2. Мелисса, это очень круто!
    Я из России, но очень люблю твои видео, и жалею, что не говорю на английском.
    Счастьем будет то, если ты это прочитаешь и ответишь :)
    Melissa, this is very cool!
    I'm from Russia, but I really like your video, and I regret that I do not speak English.
    Happiness will then, if you read this and answer

  3. Hey Melissa! You are sooo gorgeous! Really! Love you and what you use!

  4. Hey melissa i relly think ur talented can u plezz check out my blog thanks !

  5. hey melissa!, how do you get your nailpolish on so perfect and their never seems to be a chip,crack or even a tiny bit of polish off of your nails? please reply thanks,kendra:)

  6. I looove the nailpolish, and I want to get it so bad! But I live in Denmark, and I don't think you can get it here s:

  7. Melissa <3 :D I love your videos so much, well.. i'm stalking you every day. But i have a annoucement... do you try so much make up? Well, we love you. Its not a criticism! But i think its very much :} LoveYou :*<3

  8. OMG! Ur blog is awesome Melissa I watch every single one of your videos! I love this also is Mac expensive where u live? I live in Australia and its REALLY expensive but in America it seems so cheap. Is it expensive in Ireland to? :) I know this is alot to ask but can you check out my blog its not very goo at all but please and maybe leave a comment? ILY so much! U inspire me to be a better person :) When i feel sad i always look at your videos and they make me happy. I wish i was your friend. Please see my blog and leave a comment! It will make my day. I am ur biggest fan ily Melissa :)

  9. hey melissa i was wondering
    when are you going to make more posts on this blog
    i really love it! <3

  10. Świetny blog . ! ; )
    Dodaję się do obserwantów i liczę na to samo u mnie . ; **
    Zapraszaam do mnie . Pozdrawiaam . ; ** ^^

  11. Love It

    Random Question Time!!
    Anyone Can Answer

    Does She Live In Lreland