Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Pictures From France!

Hey Guys! 
So originally i was going to do a huge blog post on my time in France but i never got around to it :( 
So I thought i would just post a few pictures of my time there and stuff :)
I had such a great time there and the actual place i went to is called Lourdes, which is like a holy/religious place and i kind of went on a pilgrimage/vacation!  
also i have a facebook account if you want to go check it out!
So here is the pictures! 

It was so super pretty there and was so much fun :)request more things for me to blog about because i never think of what to do! i really want to blog a couple of times a week!
Bye <3 :)


  1. What about a haul??? LOVE YOU GURL <3

  2. Pretty. I wanna request you something. Make some outifts for autumn. Thanks. Love you <3

  3. this is my facebook eryk nawrot please look and add to friend and I LOVE YOU <3

  4. soo cuul ;)
    kiss from germanny ;D