Monday, 22 October 2012

LUSH - Grease Lightning

Hey Guys, today I'm going to talk about the 'Lush Grease Lightning Spot Treatment' !
So if you guys don't know what this product is, its a treatment for pimples etc, it comes in the form of a gel and contains tea tree and witch hazel, and your supposed to use this when you feel a zit/pimple before they come to the surface!
First off I'm just going to say that i like this product! When i first used it for the first few times i really didn't like it and i thought i wasn't going to use it, i was putting too much of the gel in one area, and it was feeling really weird on my skin, like if i smiled it felt like it was 'cracking' on my skin, but soon i realised that i should have been using a smaller amount on my skin, but you still feel like your skin has been tightened when you have this product on!
I feel like this works to a certain extent, i think it really helps with redness of the skin, alot but sometimes it doesn't always keep a spot from coming and doesn't really do much at all if you already have an active breakout, but i still find myself using this frequently because it has a really refreshing feel to it and does help with the odd zit! 
I think that i would repurchase this product again, but i would like to try and see if there is any better products than this on the market before going back to this. I wouldn't call this a holy grail product but i feel that it gives you more of  a peace of mind effect.
I have been using this product for a few months now and it really lasts a long time cause you really only need a thin layer of the product!
Ill link the product here and you can go check it out for yourself! (and no this was not sent to me for free or for review, i bought it myself!)
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  1. Your amazing.. when you going to do another music video??

  2. Amazing! Thanks for the review! I really like it! Love you
    xoxo XoSteXo (on YouTube)

  3. Hey I wanted to know what movie maker you use for your youtube videos andusic stuff im doing a big project in class and I want to make it really really. awsome like your vids are. Thanks for your time.