Sunday, 18 November 2012

My Christmas Dress & Shoes

Hey Guys!
I know its early but I've already got my Christmas outfit all picked out, I just have one more thing to get and its complete. I thought I would just do a blog post to show you it in detail instead of just posting it on instagram!

Ok so for the dress I just kept it really simple and got a really plain black dress from H&M and its so inexpensive! Only £14.99 I thought I would go plain on the dress and dress it up with accessories! 

 I got this really long necklace from.. and i really like it, its just simple and i think it really adds to the dress!
 This was from New Look and was only £6!

 I am in love with these shoes! I don't have much wedged shoes but i like wearing them for special occasions! They are just plain black peep toe wedges with a gold zipper detail! These shoes are from New Look and were £25

I got this Cream belt with gold chain links, which ties in with all the other accessories! I really like this and i think it really completes the whole look of the dress! This was £5 from New Look

Ok so that's my outfit so far, i just need a few more things, I need some sort of cardigan or blazer because its going to be really cold and I don't want to freeze to death! I also need tights, but I don't know if I should go with black tights because that might be a bit too much black..what do you think?
Ok so that's my outfit, I just got it today so if anyone was thinking of getting anything i showed, they should still be in shops!!


  1. Love the outfit, just wondering, the dress you posted on instagram (i think the one you were wearing) was it from new look? :)x

  2. Prettyy, I love your style. You are amazing Melissa :)

  3. That's so nice from